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With a pension you have an assured income each month. Even better, when you have more retirement income, you can take more risks with your investments without fear that risk investment decisions will leave you unable to cover even the bare basics.

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The Zambia Association of Pension Funds (ZAPF) is an association comprising of public and private pension fund managers, administrators, custodians, pension lawyers and other scheme advisors. The Association was called Zambia Association of Pension Fund Managers (ZAPFM) until September 2009 when it changed its name to Zambia Association of Pension Funds (ZAPF). The change was necessitated by the desire of the association to expand its coverage in terms of membership.Current membership includes Corporate membership; Affiliate membership; Ordinary membership (open to all practitioners in the pensions industry) ; and Student membership.

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The main reason for a pension scheme is to save for retirement, but as a social protection instrument a pension scheme also offers benefits when one loses employment as a result of ill health, death or just wishes to take up other activities. Viewing one’s life from a life perspective you see that one’s saving opportunities are at peak when in employment, therefore part of the excess income (surplus over consumption of members’ household) is deferred or postponed to retirement through a pension scheme. Pensionable employment also provides for job security as it gives you certainty that you have a job over a long period in excess of 20 years.

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The Association is governed by a Council who are appointed by the members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in compliance with the Constitution of the Association. The Council is headed by a Chairman and there is a fully fledged secretariat domiciled on the Ground Floor, Mukuba Pension House Dedan Kimathi Road

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